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Detailed information about Dr Sharon Orton-Gibbs, Specialist and Consultant Orthodontist, now at Bupa Dental Care, Thames Ditton.

Dr. Sharon Orton-Gibbs

Dr Orton-Gibbs is an exceptionally experienced and caring orthodontist.

She is trained to the highest level, and worked as a Consultant Orthodontist for 10 years.

She has lectured internationally, including at the British, European, and American orthodontic conferences.

Sharon is well regarded by both fellow orthodontists as well as dentists, having earned a reputation for delivering great smiles and excellent facial aesthetics.

She has delivered exceptional treatment to countless patients, including members of many of her referring dentists’ families.

She was one of the first Specialist Orthodontists to use Invisalign appliances, long before they were available to general dentists.

She remains an early adopter of new orthodontic technologies – most recently including an easy-to-use device to accelerate treatment times by up to fifty per cent.

Sharon is particularly highly regarded for her work with younger children, achieving excellent results, frequently without the need for extractions.

Professional Milestones

Honours Degree at the University of Bristol

Specialist Orthodontist with Honours clinically in MSc.

Experienced clinician in interceptive treatment, expanders, US style first phase, fixed appliances, orthognathic, lingual, and Invisalign.

Sharon was the first independent clinician to use Invisalign (clear, near-invisible braces) in the UK.

NHS consultant for 12 years, lead clinician for six years, and eight clinical excellence awards.

Previous London postgraduate teacher.

Publications in British, European, and American journals.

Previous advisor for AcceleDent Company and patient education software company.

Member of the British, European, American, and World Orthodontic societies.

Sharon is married with two children and enjoys skiing, walking, cycling, acoustic music, travel, international cuisine, and interior design.



Sharon Orton-Gibbs is focused on delivering the lovely, even smiles that her patients are looking for. Following a comprehensive consultation she will discuss with her patients (and the parents of younger patients) the most appropriate treatment. These may include: Invisalign & Invisalign Teen clear braces; removable expander braces; and non-extraction treatments.

Specialist Orthodontics

In the UK, all dentists are permitted to provide orthodontics and can even call themselves ‘orthodontists’. By contrast, Specialist Orthodontists undertake three years of extra full-time training and study. Exams must be passed before qualifying (MSc and MOrth) to be registered as a Specialist with the General Dental Council (GDC). In addition to achieving Specialist Orthodontist status, Dr. Orton-Gibbs undertook three further years of training – treating the most difficult orthodontic cases – to become a hospital Consultant. These are the best of the best, the top of their field, and adhere fully to GDC rules and guidelines.
Dr Sharon Orton-Gibbs
Dr Sharon Orton-Gibbs
Specialist Orthodontics
Specialist Orthodontics
Child Specialist
Child Specialist

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